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Ron Sandison is a remarkable young adult author, storyteller and public speaker from Rochester Hills, MI. Ron works full-time in the mental health field and part-time as a professor of theology. He is married and has a two-year old daughter, Makayla. Charisma House, a national publisher, published his first book, A Parent's Guide to Autism: Practical Advice, Biblical Wisdom. Kristine Barnett, Jacob Barnett's mother, wrote the forward for his book. His second book, Thought, Choice, Action, is a book on theology (also nationally published). Ron speaks at over 70 events a year on autism including 20 plus conferences and has presented with Temple Grandin, Dr. Fred Volkmar, Ron and Owen Suskind, Dr. Tony Attwood, Coach Michael Brey, Actress Holly Robinson Peete, Anthony Ianni, Dr. Paula Kluth, Dr. Luis Columna, and many more. Ron also has a savant ability for memory and can quote over 10,000 Scriptures including 22 complete books of the New Testament and over 5,000 quotes. He has translated 2/3 of the New Testament from Koine Greek into English and can quote his own translation. Ron is also featured in Dr. Laurence Becker's national documentary film Fierce, Love & Art. Read more about this extraordinary young man on his own website or here.