Laura Nadine

Laura Nadine (born 1977) is a very talented violinist who was born in Georgia, USA. She displayed unusual abilities since early childhood, but it was when her own son was diagnosed with Asperger's that she realized she also had the syndrome. This is what she says about Asperger's: “Despite all the problems Asperger’s has brought, I still view it as a gift. I am able to hear music in everything I see or touch. People I know have their own special song that plays in my head when I see them.  All children need their mentors, teachers and parents to give them booster rockets to propel them into life. Aspies… well, we need super power booster rockets  – but once our feet leave the ground, we are natural flyers.” Laura is also a filmmaker who completed her first project, The Violin Cries, in 2009. The project, in which she was director, actor, writer, composer and film editor, won an honorable mention in a competition at Agnes Scott College. Laura is also one of the winners of the 2017 Autism Hall of Fame Genius Award. Find out more about this remarkable lady on her website and enjoy her music and videos about autism on YouTube.