Kim Peek (November 11, 1951 - December 19, 2009) is the "megasavant" who inspired the famous movie Rain Man. He had an exceptional memory that earned him the nickname "Kimputer" (he could for example memorize whole books after reading them only once and remembered them for the rest of his life, and his knowledge was truly encyclopedic) and like the character in the movie (Raymond Babbitt) he was autistic. He had memorized about 7600 books and could remember all dates in history and also easily identify compositions as well instantly know the names of the composers, their date of birth and other details of their lives. He was also diagnosed with FG Syndrome and was born without a corpus callosum (the band of nerve fibers that joins the two hemispheres of the brain). While some people think he only had FG Syndrome and was not autistic, in general he is believed to have been autistic and the two conditions don't exclude each other as both are related to the X chromosome. There is an interesting article with many details on Kim Peek and his life, The Real Rain Man, on the Wisconsin Medical Society website.