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Jacob ("Jake") Barnett (born 1998) is a gifted American physics student and former child prodigy. He was admitted to the Perimeter Scholars International in 2013, when he was 15, the youngest student ever admitted to the program. He is currently a doctoral student at the Perimeter Institute for Advanced Theoretical Physics (specializing in Quantum Foundations and Quantum Gravity). He also has a proven very high IQ and is featured in The Prodigy's Cousin by Joanne Ruthsatz, a book on child prodigies attributing the roots of prodigious skills to autism. Joanne Ruthsatz identified Jacob Barnett as a child prodigy on the basis of a working memory test she administered on the CBS web show 60 Minutes Overtime. His mother, Kristine Barnett, wrote a book about him called The Spark: A Mother's Story of Nurturing Genius. You can enjoy his many interesting YouTube videos here or also visit his website and find out more in particular about his mother's book and the "Spark Method" here.

Autistic Geniuses of the 21st Century

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