Ellen Boudreaux (born 1957) is a blind time-keeping wizard and musical savant from the USA. She is blind because she was born prematurely. Her extraordinary musical abilities were noticed when she was just six months old and hummed the lullaby that was playing on her cradle gym. Her parents also noticed her incredible sense of direction when she started to walk (in spite of being blind). When she was 7 her teacher recommended her parents to buy her a piano as her musical skills became more and more evident and she could memorize whole pieces after hearing them only once. Ellen also taught herself how to play the guitar. She is also very good at improvising and transposing. At about 8, she also developed an extraordinary ability to keep the time (without looking at the watch). She currently plays with her band the Diremakers (where she is the lead soloist). Ellen is featured in Islands of Genius by Darold Treffert. Read more about this remarkable savant here.

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